Why OPSWAT Academy?

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Learn From the Experts in CIP
Learn From the Experts in CIP

OPSWAT is the leader in Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) Cybersecurity.

Innovative Technologies
Innovative Technologies

The courses and concepts cover only the latest solutions and technologies ensuring you are on the bleeding edge of CIP cybersecurity.


OPSWAT Academy Associate Certifications are free to take and complete, with a very affordable certification exam fee.

Register in Less Than 30 Seconds
Register in Less Than 30 Seconds

Complete registration in four simple steps with no credit card required to begin.

Learn at Your Pace
Learn at Your Pace

OPSWAT Academy is on-demand, so learning fits into every schedule, whenever you have the time.

Make an Impact
Make an Impact

Critical infrastructure Protection Cybersecurity protects millions’ way of life on a global scale.

Learn Interactively
Learn Interactively

OPSWAT Academy courses engage through interactive activities and quizzes.

Choose Your CIP Career Path
Choose Your CIP Career Path

With 16 official critical infrastructure sectors, you'll have the opportunity to work across many different industries.


What is OPSWAT Academy?

  • CIP Needs You: All 16 critical infrastructure sectors are increasingly at high risk of cyberattack, yet tens of thousands of mission-critical jobs remain vacant.
  • CIP Cybersecurity Certification Courses: OPSWAT Academy was created to address the CIP cybersecurity skills shortage in these 16 core areas through courses that promote best practices and practical approaches.
  • Learn from the Leader in CIP: These best practices and approaches were born from 19 years of leading expertise in CIP cybersecurity.
  • Enhance Your Career: Whether you are new to cybersecurity or have prior experience, OPSWAT Academy will expand your CIP cybersecurity knowledge and skillset.
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OPSWAT Academy is perfect for you if you are a:

  • New and aspiring cybersecurity professional
  • Established cybersecurity professional
  • Organization using or planning to implement an OPSWAT solution
  • Integrator (MSPs / MSSPs)
  • Risk Manager
  • Security engineer, CISO or anyone in between
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Critical Infrastructure Protection Cybersecurity Certifications

Associate Certifications
  • File Security Associate
  • Secure Storage Associate
  • Cross-Domain Security Associate
  • Web Traffic Protection Associate
  • Email Security Associate
  • Legacy Systems Associate
  • Network Security Associate
  • Endpoint Compliance Associate
Professional Certifications
  • MetaDefender Core Professional
  • MetaDefender Kiosk Professional
  • MetaDefender Drive Professional
  • MetaDefender Vault Professional
  • MetaDefender ICAP Professional
  • MetaDefender Email Gateway Security Professional
  • MetaAccess Endpoint Security Professional
  • MetaAccess NAC Professional

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